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Team project management and CRM

with leading software for managing sales, development, and production.

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  • fast orientation in the program and ease of use
  • comprehensible Gantt chart
  • full schedule can be entered in a single table
  • gradual project scheduling - unknown data can be added later
  • big changes are easy thanks to bulk actions
  • nearly effortless project re-scheduling in case of unexpected changes
  • independence from third-party products
  • training on project management and customization options
  • detailed User guide
  • free user support
  • compatible with GDPR
  • everyone has an overview of their tasks
  • managers have an instant overview of how team members work
  • comparison of different versions of the plan
  • an overview of the health of all projects
  • sharing of project documents, e-mails and appointments
  • project templates
  • automatic alerts
  • absences planning
  • it is easy to keep track of changes
  • CRM system coupled with adjustable workflow
  • support and maintenance management
  • Czech, English, German
  • sophisticated automatic scheduler - plans and continuously maintains a schedule based on the labor intensiveness of tasks, relations between them, capacity of resources, and priorities
  • scheduling across the board for all projects
  • planning projects according to production standards
  • all changes take place in real time
  • statistics and analysis
  • a whole range of individual settings and customizations are available
  • constant improvements based on user feedback
  • tools for integration with other systems
  • Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux



Hosted Instant Team uses our cloud servers, so the application is leased.

Prices starting at $ 9.90

per user and per month

The listed price does not include VAT.

Install standalone Instant Team on your company’s server, and a permanent license is purchased.

Prices starting at $ 4,990

for unlimited number of users

The listed price does not include VAT.


InstantTeam 6.8.1


The new version of Instant Team brings especially a redesigned navigation panel, which splits all the main reports into three folders. The My Work folder contains 5 reports for everyday use by all users, including tasks to do, a new calendar of activities integrating tasks with meetings and leaves, shared documents, my timesheets, and a leave calendar of all the staff. The Project Portfolio folder...

Instant Team 6.8.0


The new version of Instant Team brings you a simplified toolbar. Many of the less-used buttons were hidden and some were moved to the status bar or next to the time slider. The Gantt chart is newly possible to display with no working time. Signing in to Instant Team is now possible through Kerberos and centrally managed accounts...

We have a new client – Reming Consult, a.s.


Reming Consult, a.s. is a project, engineering and consulting company that offers comprehensive services in planning and managing the projects in the area of transport infrastructure, housing and administrative constructions as well as engineering and industrial structures. Instant Team will help with the project management and capacity planning.

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